BOSTON (CBS) – When the Red Sox visit the White House in February to celebrate their World Series win, they expect that some players will not attend.

According to Chris Mason, Red Sox writer for the Eagle Tribune, “a few” players have already informed the team’s front office that they will be skipping the visit.

Rafael Devers became the first player to say he will not go to the White House. Devers told reporters at the Red Sox’ annual Winter Weekend that it is not a political decision.

Eduardo Nunez remains undecided on the trip, he told reporters.

Other players were also asked about the trip at the Winter Weekend event.

On Friday, owners John Henry and Tom Werner said they are “watching” the government shutdown as it is something that could impact the White House visit, which is scheduled for February 15.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora, a Puerto Rico native who has been outspoken about its need for hurricane relief, hedged a bit after initially saying he would attend.

“We’ll see what happens,” Cora said last week. “There’s a lot of stuff going on right now as far as the government and the shutdown and all that. If I go, I’ll represent Puerto Rico the right way.”

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  1. Piggly Wiggly says:

    They should all decline.

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