BOSTON (CBS) —  WBZ-TV Sports producer Scott Sullivan hasn’t been very good at picking Patriots games this season. So when he picked the Patriots to win this weekend’s AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs, and did so with great confidence, it had Steve Burton a tad bit worried.

“I’m going with the Patriots, which probably means bad news,” Sully said on the newest edition of A Slice Of Sully. “I think they have their mojo going; they’re really clicking on all cylinders right now.”

Sully doesn’t always make picks in the segment, but the last three times he has, it hasn’t worked out too well for him. He picked the Patriots to beat Miami and Pittsburgh on the road during the regular season, and then picked against them last weekend against the L.A. Chargers in the divisional round. All three of those predictions were a big swing and a miss.

“I’m 0-3 on the Pats picks, but I think they’re going to win it this time. I’m not just trying to have some fun here,” he said, going with a 34-28 final score in Sunday’s conference championship.

Burton said Tyreek Hill’s big play potential is a major concern come Sunday, and how the Patriots deal with him (and tight end Travis Kelce) will likely decide the game.

“I’m curious to see how they cover him,” Sully said of Hill. “Will [Stephon] Gilmore be on him, will it be Gilmore and a safety, or do they double with someone else? Kelce is the other guy you have to watch out for inside. I know Belichick likes to play him tough and double him, but it’ll be hard to double both of those guys. Those are the two guys you really have to stop.”

Sully and Burton also discuss the weather in Kansas City, which isn’t supposed to be as frigid as originally thought. Does that benefit the Patriots or the Chiefs? The duo break that down and much, much more in the video above, and click here for past episodes of “A Slice Of Sully!”