BOSTON (CBS) – Many airlines are already offering travelers the opportunities to reschedule their flights without additional charges in light of the upcoming storm. In general, to have fees waived, customers must reschedule the flight within a certain time period and without changing the cabin or the destination and origin cities.

Beyond The Forecast: ‘Kitchen-Sink’ Storm Hitting Boston Area This Weekend

Most airlines are also directing customers whose flights are canceled to call for a cash refund if they prefer. Additionally, airlines are recommending that you leave extra time to get to the airport and get through security.


Southwest is offering customers the opportunity to rebook the same trip within 14 days of their original travel dates for about 25 cities that will be affected by the storm with no additional travel fares. Southwest does not usually charge a change fee, but will waive additional fares as well for travelers utilizing airports on the specific days they will be affected by the storm. This includes Jan. 18-21 for Boston, Manchester and Providence.


For those in Boston, Manchester or Worcester, American Airlines is offering travelers scheduled to fly Jan. 19-20 the chance to reschedule their flights without a change fee if the ticket was booked before Jan. 16 and if the customer is willing to fly between Jan. 16-23.


JetBlue will waive change/cancel fees and fare differences for customers traveling Jan. 19-20 at selected airports, including Boston, Providence and Worcester.


United will waive change fees and fare differences for Boston, Manchester and Providence for those traveling Jan.19-20.


Frontier is offering customers traveling from Jan. 17-20, including Providence the opportunity to make one itinerary change without additional fees.


Currently, Delta, which has an office at Logan Airport, has only addressed the storm hitting the Midwest.


Spirit, which has an office at Logan Airport, has not yet issued a weather waiver.


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