By Juli McDonald

PROVIDENCE, RI (CBS) – A big thank you for a little hero at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence Wednesday. The city’s fire department pulled out all the stops for a sweet seven-year-old after his quick actions during an emergency.

Angel Jimenez was visiting his little brother Tuesday night when he saw flames out the window on a hospital rooftop.

“It was small, the fire and got bigger and bigger. If there’s a fire then I have to tell my mom,” he explained.

Angel Jimenez (WBZ-TV)

Because it was noticed so quickly, firefighters got there fast and put out the flames within minutes.

“He is a hero. He’s a superhero. We’re always talking about heroes at the hospital. He was looking out the window and said mom, there’s a fire. She believed him and called staff. They called the fire department. It was put out immediately and thankfully no one was hurt,” said President & CEO of Lifespan Dr. Tim Babineau.

All the patients and staff could stay inside. Firefighters appreciate how they reacted, too.

Roof on fire at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence (Image credit Brandon Scott)

“It was very orderly. Everyone calm. They were moving equipment out of rooms we got some water migration into. They did a very good job,” said William Kenyon of the Providence Fire Department.

Five elective surgeries had to be rescheduled because of water damage in the operating rooms, but all units and the emergency department are fully functioning.

Fire investigators are still looking into what started the fire. There was work being done on the roof earlier in the day, but it’s still unclear whether it’s connected.

Juli McDonald


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