By Lisa Gresci

BOSTON (CBS) — Looking to support the Pats this weekend at the AFC Championship game in Kansas City? Adding up airfare, hotel, and ticket, the weekend could cost you almost $2,000.

Of course, for Patriots fans, that’s a price some are more than willing to pay.

“The minute the Patriots make it this far, the phone goes crazy. No matter what it’s going to cost they are going to go,” says Rita Cornelio of Mystic Valley Agency.

The travel agency started getting those calls Monday.

Rita Cornelio of Mystic Valley Agency (WBZ_TV)

In just two days, flights have gone up. “Flights right now are running about $900,” according to Cornelio.

Most people are looking to get in and get out: leave Sunday, get there in time for the big game and head home Monday. The only direct round-trip flight you’ll find for that is $893 through Southwest.

Cornelio says you will also want to watch out because she is already seeing the connecting flights sell out as well.

Getting into Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium will also cost you.

“The average resale price for tickets to the AFC championship game is $545 and, of course, that’s an average of all tickets sold on Seat Geek all sections of the stadium,” Nate Rattner, the Content Manager at Seat Geek, explained.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the cheapest ticket on Seat Geek was about $260.

AFC Championship Game Ticket Sales (WBZ-TV)

As far as a place to stay, the availability is there, as well as the options.

“I was looking at Hilton, La Quinta, Homewood Suites. There are quite a few of them. Some are closer to the stadium than others, so they were all running $250-300 range which as of today was not bad,” Cornelio said.

Something else to keep on your radar? The weather in both Kansas City and Boston.

“If there is a snow storm, flights are going to be canceled and nobody is going anywhere,” Cornelio said.

A trend both Seat Geek and Mystic Valley Travel are seeing though is just how committed Patriots nation is.

“As the Patriots have been so successful 8th straight consecutive trip there doesn’t seem to be any fatigue from patriots fans demand has been steady,” Rattner said.

“If you’re a diehard patriot fan you know they are going to win and make the super bowl again so you take that extra money and I believe you’d want to go to Atlanta,” Cornelio added.

According to Seat Geek, Super Bowl ticket prices are already averaging out at $5,000.

Lisa Gresci