By Paul Burton

WINCHESTER (CBS) – It’s not always fair to be singled out in school, but some just bring it upon themselves, like 10-year-old Christopher Sprague.

“Because I’m, like, the only one who likes the Chiefs, and everybody else likes the Patriots,” Sprague said.

This innocent-looking fifth-grader at the Ambrose Elementary School in Winchester is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. He’s proud of his team and courageous enough to wear his jersey in enemy territory.

“I think the Chiefs are going to destroy the Patriots and leave no survivors,” he told his classmates.

Christopher Sprague (WBZ-TV photo)

You can’t blame him because both his parents are Chiefs fans. Mom was born in Kansas and has been loyal ever since.

“Kansas City is a very family-oriented town, and I think everyone feels it like that’s their family and so you’re invested in it like that,” Ali Sprague said.

Her husband Dylan plans to attend Sunday’s AFC Championship game. He’s been a fan for more than 20 years and has kept every ticket stub.

“The Chiefs will be ready for this game, I guarantee it, and Arrowhead Stadium – that’s one loud place,” Dylan Sprague said.

Chris actually wears his jersey every time the Chiefs win. This week, he plans to wear it every day, not only to surprise and annoy his classmates but also to let them know he’s taking no prisoners.

(WBZ-TV photo)

He offered us his keys to the game. “We have to have a good defense, which we are the best. We have to throw accurate and get a bunch of touchdowns,” Sprague said with confidence.

Paul Burton


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