By Mike LaCrosse

NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) – The grass at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City won’t be completely frozen this weekend during the AFC Championship thanks to a local company.

North Andover based Watts Water Technologies developed part of the system used to heat the field. Three of their Benchmark boilers warm the water that circulates under the field. The heat keeps the temperature just above freezing.

Arrowhead Stadium (Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)

“They manage basically keeping the grass green year-round, it can melt the snow and keep it at an even temperature, make sure the maintenance people can keep the grass fresh and going,” said Watts Engineering Manager Frank DiBenedetto.

The boiler heats the water, then it spreads out in a series of pipes from end zone to end zone. It works like a home hot water heating system, but on a larger scale. The pipes are about six to twelve inches below the field. The heat melts the snow and makes the grass feel like it would in the fall or in the late spring.

Heating system at Watts Water Technologies (WBZ-TV)

“The players really being able to push themselves, be able to dig into the ground and do those cuts and run and have confidence that they’re not going to hit a patch of ice,” said DiBenedetto.

We had to ask, joking, if they could adjust the field conditions from the North Andover headquarters to help their hometown team.

“Umm, no comment,” said DiBenedetto.

Mike LaCrosse


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