LONDON (CBS) — New technology aims to crack down on account sharing for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Software company Synamedia says it can help providers target those who have gotten a little too comfortable giving out their passwords to friends and family.

The company cites research showing that about one in four millenials give other people their credentials for video streaming services, as well as predictions that billions of dollars in potential revenue are being lost to password sharing.

“Casual credentials sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore,” Synamedia’s Jean Marc Racine said in a statement last month. “Our new solution gives operators the ability to take action.”

A combination of artificial intelligence and behavior analytics is used to detect unusual sharing activity across streaming accounts. The software can determine if users are watching video at their home or if they’ve shared it with someone outside the home.

If caught sharing, users could then be offered a premium service that allows for password sharing and more concurrent users.

“Many casual users will be happy to pay an additional fee for a premium, shared service with a greater number of concurrent users,” Racine said. “It’s a great way to keep honest people honest while benefiting from an incremental revenue stream.”







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