HAVERHILL (CBS) – Haverhill High School is under fire after assigning history students a controversial homework project asking if President Trump has characteristics of a fascist.

“I support the President,” said parent Dave Prescott. “I support a lot of the things he does. And for them to talk about fascism, in regards to the president, I just think this isn’t what I’m sending my kids to school for.”

In a letter to parents, Haverhill High School Principal Glenn Burns said, “We missed the mark.”

On Thursday, parents expressed mixed emotions to WBZ about that homework assignment.

“If you want to bring up an issue, don’t bring politics into it,” said Prescott.

Parent Bill Galvin thought the assignment provided his child with critical thinking skills. “Absolutely not. But in the same token, having opinions is part of America,” Galvin said.

Meanwhile, teachers and students at Haverhill High School are looking forward to returning to their normal routine.

A statement from Principal Burns reads in a part: “We will continue to provide our scholars opportunities to debate and engage in controversial topics because this is at the heart of how positive change and innovation happens. We will take better notice of the development and delivery of lessons to make sure that the outcomes of the assignment are not skewed by the prompts of the lesson.”

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  1. If you want to talk about history and politics……don’t bring history and politics into it! Simply brilliant. Glad there are critical thinkers in Haverhill.

  2. Ali Pride says:

    How dare they use modern politics as an example for learning

  3. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson says:

    If I was a doctor and I wanted to give the world an enema I’d stick the nozzle right in Bloston, Mass.

  4. William R. Alford says:

    A key feature of fascism is using mandatory enrollment in government-run schools for indoctrination/propaganda to smear political opponents.

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