By Bill Shields

FALMOUTH (CBS) – A respected Falmouth firefighter and paramedic has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of assaulting his pregnant wife. Mathew Edwards, 32, was arrested Thursday morning at his father’s home.

In court, prosecutors detailed the 11 charges against Edwards, including several charges of assault on a pregnant woman. Prosecutor Mary Chamberlain said the abuse spanned several years, and didn’t stop when the wife was pregnant.

“While she’s pregnant, Mr. Edwards takes her, slams her into the refrigerator, while she’s on the ground he punches her,” Chamberlain said in court Thursday.

“The allegations include Mr. Edwards being a user of steroids which has affected his mood dramatically,” Chamberlain said.

Defense attorneys say the couple was going through a divorce and the incidents were exaggerated on the advice of his wife’s father.

“The father-in-law had essentially talked to his daughter after some of these incidents occurred and encouraged her that it would be helpful to the custody if she made these allegations against him,” attorney Nick Mosca said.

One of Edwards’ family members told WBZ-TV that all this was exaggerated, but police say they have pictures.

Bill Shields


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