By Ken MacLeod

SAUGUS (CBS) – A North Shore couple says they are lucky to be alive after they got between two cars drag racing just before their car rolled several times on Route 1. They say the two speeding drivers going more than 100 miles per hour caused a three car crash then took off. The couple is offering a big reward to find those responsible.

Michelle and Blake would rather not give their last names because they are still a bit rattled from their double rollover.

“I just thought there is no way we are going to get out of this alive,” Michelle said.

She’s talking about 1:30 Saturday morning on Route 1 North in Saugus when a roast beef run went very wrong.

A couple says two drag racers caused their car to rollover on Route 1 (WBZ-TV)

“I honestly thought that this was the end,” said Blake.

Blake had seen the black sedan screaming up behind them as traffic scattered to get out of its path.

“And before we knew it another car T-boned us, caused us to roll and it all happened so quickly,” Blake said.

Blake remembers thinking the BMW must have been going close to 100 mph but it wasn’t until after the wreck that a witness told him it appeared to be racing another car.

Several good Samaritans plucked the couple from their car. Amazingly with only bumps and bruises, despite not wearing seat-belts and their dogs had similar luck.

“They actually climbed out of a window of the car and were walking along Route 1,” Blake said.

Michelle and Blake (WBZ-TV)

But the four door BMW merely paused and then sped off, apparently unscathed from the mayhem it had created.

“There’s no way that he didn’t see or hear our car flip,” Michelle said.

And that infuriated the couple more than anything, prompting them to post a $1,000 reward on Facebook for anyone who turns in that driver who fled the scene.

“For all he knew we were dead in that car,” Blake said. “He didn’t care, he took off.”

Police have told the couple that catching the culprit is a long-shot especially since his car wasn’t damaged. But Blake says he couldn’t stay silent about someone who caused an accident and then turned his back on the result.

“That’s hard for me to forgive,” Blake said.

Ken MacLeod


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