By Paul Burton

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Hiding behind a door, 26-year-old Amilcar Rivas-Rivera faced a judge Monday charged with open and gross lewdness after police say he exposed himself to a woman at an ATM in Sudbury over the weekend.

“She observed a male party with his pants down,” prosecutor Robert Royce said. Prosecutors say Rivera has a history of lewd behavior. He was arrested last year following a pair of similar incidents.

One witness who does not want to be identified said Rivera followed her around in his car after exposing himself to her at the Natick Mall parking garage. “He asked me if I wanted to play and I looked down. I was shaken up and in tears,” the witness said.

Sudbury Police released this sketch, and it led to the arrest of Amilcar Rivas-Rivera. (Image Credit: Sudbury Police)

Thanks to the brave witness at the Sudbury ATM incident, police were able to release a sketch to other police departments in the area which helped lead to his arrest at this Uno’s Pizza in Framingham while he was at work.

Nicolas Cedano worked with Rivera. “Couple of servers felt he was a little creepy the way he was staring and comments he would say in Spanish, other than that very shocking,” Cedano said.

Rivas-Rivera was also charged with open and gross lewdness after exposing himself to a woman at Ashland State Park. And in other incident Rivas-Rivera was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after he came after two bouncers with a knife at a restaurant in Framingham.

Amilcar Rivas-Rivera from a 2018 arrest. (Image Credit: Natick Police)

“Your honor we now have four open cases three of them involve sexual acts,” Royce said.

His attorney says he was not the man responsible for this recent ATM incident. “We are going to take some time to get the information and evidence to show he’s innocent he denies the allegations of 12/28 and we need some time to gather evidence and help prove that he wasn’t this fellow that did this offensive act,” June Jensen said.

Rivas-Rivera is being held without bail and is due back in court on February 5th for pretrial hearing.

Paul Burton


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