SUDBURY (CBS) – Police in Sudbury arrested a man with a history of lewd behavior and charged him with exposing himself to a woman.

Amilcar Rivas-Rivera was arrested around 8 p.m. Friday night in Framingham.

Earlier in the day, Sudbury Police released a sketch of a man who allegedly exposed and touched himself inside a parked car in the Shaw’s parking lot on Boston Road on December 28.

Sudbury Police released this sketch, and it led to the arrest of Amilcar Rivas-Rivera. (Image Credit: Sudbury Police)

Rivas-Rivera is now charged with open and grossed lewdness. He was arrested on the same charge last year following a pair of similar incidents.

Police say when the sketch was released, other departments reached out to Sudbury to say it resembled Rivas-Rivera.

“The sketch was amazing. That was really the critical point that allowed us to move forward in the investigation and identify the suspect,” said Police Chief Scott Nix.

They were able to survey Rivas-Rivera and arrest him. “We left it was very imperative to keep him in our sights and get him off the streets once we met our threshold of probable cause,” Nix added.

Amilcar Rivas-Rivera from a 2018 arrest. (Image Credit: Natick Police)

The 26-year-old was arrested in March 2018 after he allegedly exposed himself to a woman in the parking garage of the Natick Mall. Police also said he exposed himself to a woman on a walking trail at Ashland State Park in October 2018.

“We take those things seriously,” said Nix. “I think we all have wives, sisters, mothers and we don’t want anybody exposed to such circumstances.”

Rivas-Rivera is being held on $15,000 bail pending his scheduled Monday arraignment.


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