ORLEANS (CBS) – The public will have a chance to weigh in on a proposed balloon ban in Orleans.

The Board of Selectmen voted Wednesday to hold a public hearing on whether to prohibit the sale and use of balloons.

The proposal calls for a ban on the sale or release of any type of balloons inflated with a “lighter-than-air gas,” which includes helium. Exceptions will be made for balloons launched by government agencies or scientific organizations.

The intent is to address environmental hazards to wildlife and marine life in town posed by balloons.

There’s a proposed fine of up to $50 for anyone found violating the law.

Chatham, Nantucket and Block Island have already enacted balloon bans.

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  1. Stephanie Swald Cba says:

    I don’t think banning balloons is a good solution. Latex balloons are biodegradable and foil balloons are recyclable. Instead of a ban how about requiring establishments that sell balloons and have helium for balloons to get a permit? Responsible balloons artists always weight helium balloons adequately – whereas many party stores do not include the weight in their pricing and the customer ends up without an appropriate weight. They should also be signed up with PEBA – an organization that advocates for no balloon releases which is one of the main concerns for littering.
    Balloons are a great way to celebrate special occasions and make parties, grand openings and other events a lot of fun. If we need to ban a biodegradable product due to litter then we should ban candy bars due to litter on our highways, streets and yards.

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