By Mike LaCrosse

NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – A car crashed through a New Bedford home, missing a woman inside by just a few feet.

The driver hit a parked car and ran over a fire hydrant before crashing into the house on Park Avenue Thursday afternoon.

“The car went through my living room, my dining room and half of my bedroom,” said Judith Rego, who was inside her bedroom when the SUV came barreling through her home.

A car crashed through a New Bedford home (Image credit WPRI)

“All of a sudden I heard this explosion,” she said.

If the crash happened 20 minutes earlier Rego would have been hit. She was in her living room waxing the floor right where the car ended up.

Hole left in side of New Bedford home after car crashed through it (Image credit WPRI)

“So I moved the furniture. I did half the room and then I got tired so I said I’m going to go and lay down for a minute and so I did,” she said.

The driver told police her accelerator got stuck and she couldn’t stop the SUV.

“She must have been going at a high rate of speed, she went right through the foundation and up right through that house,” said New Bedford Fire District Chief Jeff Pothier. “She landed on her side.”

A car crashed through a home in New Bedford (Image credit WPRI)

Rego is just glad she’s OK. “I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful,” she said. “You know a house can be replaced but people can’t.”

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but is expected to be OK.

Mike LaCrosse