FALL RIVER (CBS) — Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia released a letter to City Council saying that he will leave the decision for him to leave office up to the people.

“The decision to resign or not resign is not solely my decision. The answer to this question rests with the people of our City,” he wrote Wednesday, the last possible day for him to resign. The Fall River City Council had given Correia five days to step down or face a recall election.

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia addresses the media, October 16, 2018. (WBZ-TV)

Correia was charged with tax and wire fraud in October. Prosecutors said he took at least $231,447 of the $363,690 that seven investors placed in his company and used it for items including airfare, luxury hotels, casinos, adult entertainment, a Mercedes Benz, and jewelry for an ex-girlfriend.

“Over the last three years that I have been Mayor, our City has experienced a renaissance of revitalization and progress that is visible throughout our City,” Correia’s letter continued. He posted the full copy in a tweet and added, “we are in campaign mode!”

More than 4,500 signatures were obtained by organizers — nearly double what’s required for a recall. Correia has alleged some of the signatures aren’t valid.

In another tweet about the recall, Correia wrote, “I will ask the public for their vote again. If they select me then I will continue to serve if not that’s ok too.”


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