By Lisa Gresci

LEICESTER (CBS) – A Leicester boy didn’t want his best friend to be sad at Christmas. So he did whatever he could to spread some holiday cheer.

Nine-year-old Ashley Dowd said that when his best friend Sam’s dog Penny died five days before Christmas, it saddened him.

”Well he was really sad at school so I felt bad for him,” Ashley said.

Ashley Dowd and his best friend Sam. (Family Photo)

And that’s all it took for Ashley to know his best friend Sam needed him.

Ashley pooled together all of his allowance money – $120 – and gave it to Sam with a letter.

“Dear Sam,” he wrote. “I know your dog died so I’m giving you money so you can have another dog.”

The letter Ashley Dowd wrote to his best friend Sam. (Family Photo)

Ashley’s mother didn’t even know what he was up to until she received this text from Sam’s mother.

“I was so proud of him and shocked that he would be so generous and so sweet,” Michele Dowd said. “At first I was … I laughed a little bit because it’s just so cute. And honestly afterward I was tearing up how beautiful it was. How many 9-year-olds are giving their friends $120?”

Sam’s family ended up telling Ashley they weren’t quite ready for another dog just yet, and he wanted to return the money to his friend. Ashley hopes Sam does get a new dog some day, and he hopes his gift brought the smile back to his friend’s face.

Lisa Gresci


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