WORCESTER (CBS) — The mixing, the frosting, the topping, the decorating, the eating. There’s just so much that’s great about cupcakes. Inside a cute brick building in Worcester’s historic Canal District, is a super sweet spot called The Queen’s Cups.

The Queen’s Cups (Phantom Gourmet)

“I think cupcakes make people very happy,” said owner Renee King Diaz, who specializes in all things yummy.

“The Queen’s Cups is my baby. It’s a handcrafted bakery where we specialize in cupcakes of all different kinds. We also do cakes and all different types of treats. Our cupcakes are made fresh every day, we bake all day long, hundreds of cupcakes, and I think what makes them so different is that we come up with all different kinds. We just try and take any type of dessert or any combination that we think would taste good together and make it into a little cupcake.”

The Queen’s Cups (Phantom Gourmet)

Here at The Queen’s Cups, Renee is, of course, the queen but she’s got an entire kingdom behind her, including her parents Barbara and Paul.

“The queen is my daughter,” said Barbara. “She is the queen. She rules the roost.”

The Queen’s Cups (Phantom Gourmet)

To which Renee said, “Everyone always calls me the queen, and I secretly hate it because I couldn’t run my business without first and foremost, my parents, but my staff because if I had to do this all by myself again, we wouldn’t be here today. You know this is my dream bakery I was able to build, but behind me is like the strongest army that I would bring anywhere with me.”

And that army reports for duty every day, cranking out all sorts of unique cupcakes plus lemon squares, whoopie pies, cookies, cakes, frosting dips, and apple crisps. If you can bake it, they probably make it with a whole lot of love.

The Queen’s Cups (Phantom Gourmet)

“I want our customers to know that whatever cupcake they’re eating took a lot of thought and a lot of pride, and a lot of love. And that’s the most important thing to me,” said Renee.


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