By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – It was the gift of frustration for some travelers at Logan Airport Friday. Already one of the busiest travel days this holiday season, passengers at Spirit Airlines were greeted with some unwanted news that flights were overbooked.

“Everybody got here early and we were told they were overbooked and made the planes smaller by 45 people,” passenger Qusam Zaidi said.

Spirit Airlines passengers wait in line at Logan Airport (WBZ-TV)

It put flights in jeopardy for some who stood in a long line wondering if they would make it through security in time. “I did get here an hour and a half early so I’m a little concerned,” said Kim Cristobal.

Passenger Eddie Solomon says he was told there were no more seats and was still waiting to hear if he would get one.

TSA says air travel is up slightly over last year, and they’ll move at least 70,000 passengers through Logan each day leading up to Christmas. It’s why the Pollises from Maine got to the airport early. “It’s a little stressful but knowing I’ll see my daughter it’s well worth it,” said Alice Pollis.

Spirit Airlines passengers at Logan Airport (WBZ-TV)

Amid the crowds there were signs of tight security at the airport, and with heavy rain in the area some flights were seeing delays.

The Lucena family headed to the security line with 10-month-old Thomas in tow to meet family in Brazil for the first time. “It’ll be their first time meeting him,” said Ericka Lucena.

With 2.7 million holiday travelers nationwide there will be plenty of company trying to get home for the holidays.

Beth Germano


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