TEMPLETON (CBS) — A small earthquake was felt in the area of Templeton, Gardner and Winchendon Friday afternoon.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency said there were reports of shaking and loud noises following the magnitude 2.2 earthquake. The epicenter was just north of Gardner.

The shaking happened at about 12:51 p.m., the Weston Observatory told WBZ-TV. So far there have been no reports of damage.

Templeton police reported receiving multiple calls about a possible explosion in the area, and several social media comments reported shaking.

A magnitude 2.0 earthquake can cause minor shaking but not significant structural damage, according to MEMA.

  1. Candace Ogonowski says:

    Yep, felt/ heard it on Industrial Rowe. Pretty cool. A day after Ufo sighting same area on route 2

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