BOSTON (CBS) — A man and a woman have been arrested after a man told police they held him against his will and made him wire money to them, police said.

Damian Gray, 41, of Boston and Danisha Johnson, 43, both of Boston, face kidnapping and armed robbery charges.

According to police, a man approached an officer in the Boston Common around 10 a.m. Tuesday and told them he had been kidnapped. He was not wearing a coat or shoes.

The victim told police he left a lounge in the District Theater around 2 a.m. when he befriended Gray and Johnson. He then went back to their apartment but got uncomfortable when the topic of cocaine was brought up, police said.

“When the victim attempted to leave, the male suspect grabbed him by his shirt collar and threatened him with a knife. The suspect then demanded the victim transfer an undisclosed amount money from his bank account via an electronic money order.”

Police said the man was able to escape when Gray went to a convenient store to retrieve the money, leaving him alone with Johnson who was unarmed.

Gray and Johnson are expected to appear in Boston Municipal Court.


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