By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – They are viral videos of a Christmas kind. A local man transforms into Buddy the Elf, and brings us all back to our childhood, with pillow fights.

It’s an unusual way to spread holiday cheer, no doubt, but this guy is a lifesaver, in many ways. Call it a sneak attack of holiday fun.

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“We are dressed as Buddy the Elf, inspired by Will Ferrell from the movie Elf. We are going around pillow fighting strangers,” says Buddy, AKA Brendan Sullivan. He’s one elf who’s definitely off the shelf.

Brendan Sullivan AKA Buddy the Elf (WBZ-TV)

“To spread happiness, to spread joy,” he says. “It’s the Christmas season. Some people are under stress shopping, so we’re making their day as better as we can.”

Buddy/Brendan is a paramedic with Brewster Ambulance in Weymouth. His real life is being prepared for almost anything, and answering the call when people need him most.

“During the day I am a paramedic/firefighter, and just like Batman, at night I’m a pillow fighting elf,” he says with tongue firmly in cheek.

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Brendan Sullivan engages in a pillow figh t(WBZ-TV)

It’s the elf persona that has gone viral with a series of videos. “We’ve gotten up to 60-million views on all three videos,” he says.

Whether he’s pouncing on co-workers in the dispatch center or surprising the ER staff at the Quincy Medical Center, he’s giving people a break from their day and a return to childhood, always ending with a hug.

Brendan Sullivan in a pillow fight WBZ-TV)(WBZ-TV)

“As a kid you pillow fight, and you never thought you’d go on lunch break at work and pillow fight a grown man dressed as an elf,” he says.

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Soon it’s back on the shelf for Buddy/Brendan. “I’ve got to head back to the North Pole,” he says. “Christmas is coming.”

David Wade