By Juli McDonald

NATICK (CBS) – Twelve inflatable Christmas decorations were slashed overnight at a home in Natick.

The decorations went up after Thanksgiving and the Hoyt family only turns them on for a few hours each night. When Angela Hoyt went to shut them off just before 9 p.m. she noticed almost all of them had been destroyed.

Vandalism suspect caught on surveillance camera in Natick (Image credit: Hoyt Family)

Just days before Christmas, the family is now struggling to explain why a Grinch made a mean visit to their house.

Twelve of their 13 inflatable decorations were slashed Wednesday night. Angela Hoyt has been adding to the expensive collection for years.

“Heartbroken. My heart sunk,” Hoyt said. “I’m sad for my kids. And the kids in the neighborhood and the kids in the community who come around the streets to look at the decorations at night.”

Natick inflatable decorations vandalized in Natick (WBZ-TV)

Natick Police are reviewing the family’s surveillance cameras to try and identify who did it. The Hoyts are taking some precautions with what’s left and trying to decide how they’ll decorate in the future.

“We have to sit down when all is said and done and figure out whether or not we’ll start replacing them,” Hoyt said. “Whether they’ll go back up next year.”

The family believes the decorations were slashed between 8 and 9 p.m. Wednesday night. Natick Police say they have had other reports of lights being cut and decorations being stolen in other parts of town.

Juli McDonald

  1. I’m on the vandal’s side. These decorations are a tacky eyesore and such a waste of electricity, and when catastrophic climate change is already happening there’s no excuse for such a useless waste of electricity. “Oh but the kids love it!” Really? I as a child in the 90s knew about wasting electricity and would have hated the adults who thought they were putting on such a tacky, irritating, wasteful display for my sake. It’s for attention. 😒

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