By Breana Pitts

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a cruise down memory lane at Versus in Downtown Crossing.

“We have vintage arcade games throughout the bar. It’s a barcade,” director of operations, Jamie Pollock, told WBZ-TV.


From Frogger to Ms. Pac-Man and SkeeBall to pinball, you are sure to find your childhood favorite. And if the vintage games aren’t your speed, you can grab a controller for an Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 4 while sitting at the bar.

The bar at Versus. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s a good place for adults to act like kids,” said Pollock. And apparently a great place for holiday parties too.

“It’s really important to get people out of the office and to engage in a different way than we normally do,” said Jen Nussinow of Touchplan. The Boston start-up is celebrating the season with snacks, drinks, and some friendly competition. “I’m really excited to get out of our day-to-day, have a little bit of fun.”

Some of the arcade games at Versus. (WBZ-TV)

And it’s not just arcades getting customers out of their seats. There’s flower arranging, axe throwing, and drone building to name a few new hangout ideas.

“It’s nice to see a place that’s catering to a market doesn’t want to just eat and drink all the time,” explained Nussinow.

Kids are also allowed at Versus, but it becomes an adult-only destination after 8 p.m.

Breana Pitts


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