BOSTON (CBS) – The Salvation Army is issuing an urgent plea as they look for more donations during the holiday season.

They say their red kettle donations are down nearly 20 percent from the same time last year.

The Salvation Army relies on the donations to help Massachusetts residents throughout the year.

They’ve set a $3.5 million donation goal and are still hoping to meet it.

“Every day at Corp offices in all parts of the Commonwealth we are reminded that many individuals and families are struggling just for the basic necessities,” said Major Gregory Hartshorn, general secretary of The Salvation Army Massachusetts Division. “With just a week to go in the 2018 Red Kettle Campaign, we desperately need the public’s help so we can meet the anticipated need for 2019.”

For more on how you can donate, visit

Comments (4)
  1. Salvation Army hasn’t changed at all. Trying really hard to mask years of discrimination against LGBT+. Much more deserving charities.

  2. Exactly. We’re not going to stand for that kind of discrimination any longer so why support an organisation that still does it – church-based or not. Support the following: Housing Works; The Ali Forney Center; Sylvia Rivera Law Project; The Audre Lorde Project; TGI Justice Project and The Trevor Project and many others.

  3. Scott West says:

    Us gays will give to those in need..but we will NOT give thru those who discriminate and twist the bible to do it. I’m sure there are plenty of good folks at the SA who don’t care if you’re gay..but they need to stand up to those higher ups who decide policy.

    As above…give to DESERVING charities who help EVERYONE

  4. ralphie2449 says:

    Why would anyone support a hate group like the salvation army? They arent a charity

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