By Bill Shields

FALL RIVER (CBS) – An 84-year-old man is giving the gift of warmth to people in Fall River. Lenny Nicolan is carrying on a tradition started by his late son and says every scarf is a tribute to him.

Nicolan doesn’t have angel wings, although many think he should. What he does have though is a huge heart.

“If I do good in life, I want to do good for someone else,” Nicolan said.

Lenny Nicolan ties a scarf to a pole outside St. Vincent De Paul store in Fall River (WBZ-TV)

He runs the St. Vincent De Paul store in Fall River. Twice a day, he goes out to a pole on the sidewalk and ties scarves to it. They’re free for anyone who is cold.

“The people that are out there, they’re cold, they need these scarves,” he said.

Lenny’s office at the store is full of donated scarves.

“I think one, it helps them to keep them warm, two he knows that there is people out there that’s willing to sacrifice something to give to them,” Nicolan says.

Lenny Nicolan (WBZ-TV)

The scarf giveaway was started by Lenny’s son Mike who died a few years ago from cancer. Mike recognized the need to help people in Fall River.

“I said I would gladly pay for them,” said one man who did not want to be identified. “He came out with two of these scarves and said ‘here, merry Christmas and keep warm.’”

Lenny says it’s easy to do good deeds and there are a lot of people out there trying.

“We help people, you will not go without a scarf,” Nicolan said. “Walk into this place and you will walk out with a scarf, if we don’t have no more for the pole.”

Bill Shields