BOSTON (CBS) — Kyrie Irving’s expertise is basketball, but you may have heard that he’s dabbled in the land of conspiracy theories as well.

So of course the Celtics guard, who once said he believed the earth was flat, would be asked about Steph Curry’s recent proclamation that questions whether the lunar landing was real.

Irving’s flat-earth theory was a big deal in 2017, and though he apologized to science teachers everywhere earlier this season, the theory still follows him today. Curry has also come out and said that he was just joking, but his conspiracy theory will certainly follow the two-time NBA champ for some time.

Asked about Curry’s comments following Boston’s practice on Tuesday, Irving rolled his eyes. He did not hold back on his thoughts of how people treat each other in today’s society.

“We live in America, where people say [stuff] all the time about one another, and it’s mean. It’s bad. Kids see it, like everyone gets a piece of it and then it’s the next story, the next thing that’s coming out of someone’s mouth,” Irving told reporters at The Auerbach Center in Brighton. “There’s world hunger going on. There’s political things going on. There’s so many higher things in the totem pole of society that matter to human beings, but hey, Steph Curry says he doesn’t believe in the moon [landing], it’s the thing all over. It’s on CNN and they say we’re just jocks, we’re just athletes. But it’s on your channel. We’re [thinkers], but you don’t want us to be that.

“People are blatantly disrespectful now, like to people’s faces,” added Irving. “It’s ridiculous to treat another human being like that. People do it behind screens, people do it on their phones every single day. It’s something to learn as a human being, how to treat and respect other people.”

Irving said he is happy to answer questions that don’t pertain to basketball, but he’d like it a lot more if everyone would just be a little bit nicer to each other.

“I’m fully supportive of loving human beings. That’s it. It’s pretty simple,” he said.



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