By Paul Burton

EASTON (CBS) – Nancy Davenport says she and her children hit the deck when shots rang out and bullets came flying through her Easton home Sunday afternoon.

“One came over here and traveled across the room to that wall there,” Davenport said. “At first we thought the window was shot out but it was the plaster from the wall.”

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Easton Police say they responded to Bay Road after reports of a suspicious person involved in a car crash.

As police approached investigators say the man pointed what appeared to be a gun. That’s when police opened fire and bullets went flying. Several bullets hit Nancy’s home. One of the bullets hit a pipe in the wall. Her neighbor’s truck also got hit with stray bullets.

Nancy Davenport points to bullet hole in wall of Easton home (Image credit: Paul Burton)

Nancy said she saw the man approach her house. “As he got closer to the house he pulled out the gun from his pants so we ducked to the floor and didn’t see much else and scrambled to lock all the doors,” Davenport said.

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Police shot the suspect at least once. He was identified Monday as 29-year-old Serge Andre Jr. of Hyde Park.

Police immediately treated him, took him to the hospital and placed him under arrest. It’s not clear if Andre fired a gun. He is currently in serious condition at Boston Medical Center.

“It was just heart-racing fear and my biggest fear was that the man was coming toward the house and getting inside to hide out here,” Davenport said.

Nancy says despite all the chaos she is not going to let this ruin her holiday with the family. However, she is considering putting in more security measures because of this incident. “The only thing is that I am going to invest in the video doorbells,” Davenport said.

Nancy is glad her family was not harmed. “I am very thankful and just happy everyone is OK and we will deal with the damage,” Davenport said.

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Andre is expected to be arraigned in his hospital bed at BMC. Police are still investigating the incident.

Paul Burton