PITTSBURGH (CBS) – Patriots coach Bill Belichick took time to heap praise on JuJu Smith-Schuster moments after New England’s devastating loss, the Steelers wide receiver tweeted Sunday night.

“Crazy to have Coach Belichick, a legendary coach I’ve watched my whole life, come up to me after the game and tell me he respects my game and how I play!!!” Smith-Schuster tweeted, throwing in a few “exploding head” emojis to reinforce his astonishment.

The 22-year-old standout receiver had four catches for 40 yards in the game. Belichick gave the entire Steelers team plenty of credit in his postgame press conference.

“These guys are tough. They’ve got a great offense, they do a great job in every area,” he said.

Ups & Downs: Too Many Mistakes

Smith-Schuster’s admiration for Belichick has at least a few Steelers fans a little nervous. The top reply to his tweet Sunday night was “Please dont ever go to the pats.”


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