BOSTON (CBS) — New England’s struggles on the road continued in Pittsburgh on Sunday, costing them a chance to clinch a playoff spot for the second straight week.

The Patriots dropped to 9-5 on the season and into the No. 3 seed in the AFC with a 17-10 loss in Pittsburgh. They still have not clinched their spot in the postseason.

With their final two games at home, the Patriots finish the regular season at 3-5 on the road.

The New England offense was disjointed throughout Sunday’s contest, and never really got anything going. They scored their lone touchdown when the Steelers left Chris Hogan wide open after biting on a reverse, leading to an easy 63-yard strike from Brady to the receiver.

But the Patriots were shut out in both the second and fourth quarter, and Brady was picked off in the red zone midway through the fourth, costing the Patriots some much-needed points as they trialed 14-10. Brady finished the game 25-of-36 for 279 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

“We’ve always won as a team and we lose as a team. When you lose close games there are a lot of plays you wish were different,” Brady said after the loss. “I’m not going to make any excuses. We just have to do a better job.”

The Patriots had a chance to tie the game with the ball on the Pittsburgh 11, but penalties and overthrows by Brady killed the drive. Brady went to Edelman on a fourth-and-15 try but his pass was knocked down by the Pittsburgh defense.

Poor play and penalties did the Patriots in on Sunday, as they were hit with 14 infractions that cost them 106 yards overall. They now finish the season with home games against the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets.


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  1. John Deuteronomy says:

    See, this is what is great about ‘Murica. Hurley sez they’re gonna destroy the Steelers, they don’t, Hurley gets to keep his money. Yay ‘Murica. It’s just like the stock market!

  2. Joe Jacobs says:

    WHO CARES!!!!!!

    1. Jason Ledd says:

      Bread and circuses for the zombie masses. Let the dead bury the dead.

    2. Samuel Green says:

      It’s the Kaepernick Curse that has put the stink on the NFL and on Nike. And many people like myself have turned off the NFL, and will continue doing so.

      During the national anthem, it’s neither the time nor the place for a highly paid professional athlete to be disrespectful to their home country.

      After the anthem, they can protest whatever, and wherever they want to their hearts content.

      When these unpatriotic overpaid NFL players started taking knees, I blame their fellow teammates and coaches for not picking them up.

      Retired US soldier, one who will never buy any Nike product until the day I die.

  3. Richard Riley says:

    You would think in this day and age they could find a way to make the questions in the Patriots Fifth Quarter at least marginally hear-able! Absurd. It’s as if they don’t want you to hear the questions.

  4. James Arnold says:


  5. Richard Robbins says:

    #3 seed. Behind the Texans! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

  6. Does anybody still care about NFL teams anymore? … I don’t.

    1. Funny stuff. People getting worked up over a stupid game played by overpaid narcissistic creeps.

  7. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Don’t worry, the Cheatriots will cheat their way to the Superbowl again.

  8. Ernie Ernie says:

    Look I’m a Pats fan since the beginning even though I’m not from the Boston area and I’m not shocked. These writers are ditz’s. This team lacks the defensive talent this year. Plain and simple this team is over achieving to be honest and if the make the playoffs wont go far. You need more than Brady and he is about all they have.

    1. Wow! That was a waste of analysis and brain cells. Sorry I read it. But they really care about how you feel about their stupid game. Or, even worse, you do.

      1. Markey Farrell says:

        Wow! What an aWhole.. I hope you get paid for being one, because you are REALLY good at it.

  9. They finish the grueling AFC East schedule with games against the Jets and the Bills…no wonder they make the playoffs every year with that division!!

  10. Brian McElhaney says:

    Kinda hard winning a game without CHEATING… uh Tommy Boy?

  11. Jimmy Krakorn says:

    How many times have the Pats made it to the Super Bowl when they didn’t have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs?

  12. Tom Ward says:

    I’m a Pats fan. The “cheating” claims by the losers are laughable. All that said, is nobody else noticing all the sky-high, way-over-the-head passes by Brady?

  13. Darrell Grant says:

    Steelers color rush unis 4-0……Another one bites the dust….

  14. Bob DesRochers says:

    Trading Jimmy G and keeping TB and Gronk are starting to look like really stupid moves, right Mr Kraft?

  15. Richard Wojcik says:

    IMPOSSIBLE!!! IT cannot be old – ask Algor, the climate geniooooos