BOSTON (CBS) – Some steaks from a butcher shop in Boston are being recalled due to possible contamination. The recall affects packed T-bone and porterhouse steaks sold several months ago at Walden Local Butcher Shop.

Walden Local Butcher Shop. (WBZ-TV)

Walden purchased the meat from Vermont Packinghouse in North Springfield, Vermont. The USDA is recalling nearly 11,000 pounds of beef quarters from that packinghouse, which was then cut into steaks. According to Walden, only about 15-30 pounds of their steak are impacted by the recall. Those steaks were sold between February and June of this year. The shop said the impacted steaks were all sold in person at their retail location, and not through any memberships.

The USDA said the beef could have contaminated “vertebral column” tissue. No illnesses have been reported in relation to the recall.

If you still have any of this meat in your freezer you are urged to either throw it away or return it to the butcher.


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