By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Stephen A. Smith is one of the best in the business when it comes to yelling about sports on television.

But he might want to take the next few plays off.

In previewing Thursday night’s big matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers on ESPN’s First Take, Smith’s breakdown was a tad bit… useless. The matchups he highlighted had both Max Kellerman and Tedy Bruschi questioning their existence on live television.

For starters, Smith referred to the Chargers as the “San Diego Chargers,” despite the fact they’ve been the Los Angeles Chargers for two seasons now. But hey, that happens to the best of us, so it’s a fairly forgivable offense.

But that was just an appetizer to Smith’s poorly crafted preview, as he then highlighted three players who won’t have much to do with Thursday night’s outcome: Spencer Ware, Hunter Henry and Derrick Johnson.

Told that Ware is out for Kansas City, Smith shrugged off the mental lapse. But he made it worse by moving on to Chargers tight end Hunter Henry matching up with linebacker Derrick Johnson.

Henry, according to Smith on Thursday, has been effective all year. He’s done so playing in zero games after tearing his ACL in May during OTAs. Who knows what Smith was going for, but it’s certainly not Hunter Henry.

But at least he’s still employed by the Chargers. Derrick Johnson, on the other hand, had his contract voided by the Chiefs last February. He played in six games for the Raiders this season before being cut in mid-October.

That’s three swings and three misses for Smith, who blamed his blunder hat trick on “multi-tasking.”

While his pregame analysis brought very little to the table, at least Stephen A.’s blunder(s) led to this face from Bruschi.

For that, we will be forever grateful.


  1. Who cares if he calls them San Diego? The Chargers belong in San Diego anyway!

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