LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Gisele Bundchen gave James Corden a lesson in “Toddlerography” and recalled a close encounter piloting a helicopter on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday night.

The supermodel and wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appeared on the show to talk about her new book but also discussed the scary incident she had flying a helicopter in Marshfield.

“I was flying really low one day with my teacher. We were flying, just talking and suddenly there’s geese that is so close to me. . . and I’m like ‘ahh!’” Bundchen shared. “The helicopter went sideways but everything was OK. The geese were alive and so was I.”

Bundchen got her license to fly helicopters when she was seven months pregnant.

Aside from her skills as a pilot, Bundchen showed off her dancing skills. She and Corden took a dance class taught by toddlers – watch the video above.


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