CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Harvard University is on alert after a student was attacked. The woman says two strangers threw her against a wall and sexually assaulted her.

The victim wasn’t able to give a detailed description to campus police. As they investigate they’re encouraging everyone to be vigilant on and off campus.

“I just really hope she’s OK and how this is going to affect her later on,” one female student said.

Harvard University students are now walking with a stranger on their minds after a sexual assault was reported on campus.

“When I found out I was pretty shocked and upset because I usually walk home from the library really late at night,” another female student said.

The young woman told police she was walking on Plympton Street just before one Tuesday morning. Two men approached her; she said one threw her against a wall and began kissing her as he grabbed her chest.

As police look for those suspects, students are making some changes to their routines such as walking with friends and not using their phones.

While some people consider talking on the phone safe because you’re in contact with another person, police actually discourage it because it can distract you from potential dangers.


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