BOSTON (CBS) — The end of Sunday’s Patriots game was concerning enough. But late in the second quarter of their loss in Miami, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took an awkward spill onto the field that won’t make Pats fans feel any better this Monday morning.

Brady took his tumble as he made his way to congratulate Rob Gronkowski on his touchdown, a moment captured by WBZ photographer Chris Gobeille that was later Tweeted out by WBZ sports producer extraordinaire Joe Giza.

Needless to say, Brady hitting the turf is always a concern around New England.

But Brady is not concerned about it at all, as he stated during his Monday morning interview with WEEI.

“I think my knee brace just grabbed it and it just got dug into the wrong spot,” Brady said. “There’s no concern.

“It twisted the wrong way,” he added about the brace. “But like I said, I have zero concern. Zero.”

Brady did admit that his knee is “braced up” as he deals with a “little injury,” but that didn’t seem to bother him either on Sunday. The QB threw for 358 yards and three touchdowns in New England’s shocking loss.


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