By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Make sure you’re sitting down for this atom bomb of news to drop, because it’s a doozy: The New York Jets are a mess behind the scenes.

Yes, though it may be hard to believe, the team that’s currently 3-9 in 2018 and the team that’s gone 13-31 since 2016 has fallen victim to some dysfunction among the leaders of the franchise.

Shocker, indeed.

While the news itself may not be particularly stunning to hear, Manish Mehta’s report in The New York Daily News paints a picture of the issues that continue to grow within the Jets’ power structure, namely between head coach Todd Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan.

In a story that is one part reporting, one part advocating for Maccagnan to keep his job, and one part suggestions for how Maccagnan should do his job in the future, the were some highlights.

–Bowles didn’t let second-year quarterback Christian Hackenberg play at all last year, even in late-season meaningless games, in part because “he wanted to send a message to the general manager for the wasted pick.”

–The Jets’ coaching staff apparently wanted to move up in the 2017 draft to select Alvin Kamara. Maccagnan disagreed. Kamara has since rushed for 1,470 yards and 19 touchdowns, and he’s also picked up 1,381 receiving yards and caught nine touchdowns.

–Former offensive coordinator John Morton argued that the team should draft receiver ArDarius Stewart in 2017. Maccagnan complied, taking Stewart in the third round, 12 spots after the Saints drafted Kamara. Stewart had 82 receiving yards as a rookie, and he was cut prior to this season, after he had been suspended for PEDs.

Again, it’s not altogether surprising, and there’s nothing particularly earth-shattering. From the perspective up here in New England, it is nevertheless the latest fascinating development in the rapid and complete demise of a Jets franchise that appeared in consecutive conference championship games yet has now missed the postseason for eight years running. With a 49-75 record since those “glory days,” an escape from this misery does not appear to be on the immediate horizon for the Jets.

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