MEDWAY (CBS) – A dashboard camera captured the moment a construction detail officer was hit by a car in Medway.

It happened Wednesday around 10:15 a.m. Special Police Officer Richard Malo was working a detail on Main Street at the intersection of Mechanic Street. Malo is a retired Medway Police lieutenant.

A detail officer is hit by a car in Medway. (Image Credit: Michael Leshinki)

“I know him and he’s a really nice guy,” said store owner Kunal Patel. “I feel bad.”

Medway Police say the driver of the SUV, 71-year-old Jerome Guthro, appears to stop in the middle of the road and then keep going. Hitting the officer.

“I heard a bang. I looked back and the guy was sprawled on the hood,” said witness Al Greendale. “The driver hit his breaks, and he just slid off and he landed on the ground with his head pretty close to the curb.”

Greendale was among several people who ran over to help.

“He was hurting,” Greendale said. “He was conscious, alert and just complaining that his hip hurt.”

Guthro got out of the car and is cooperating with Medway Police.

Malo was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The crash remains under investigation. The driver has not been charged.


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