BOSTON (CBS) – Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will not run for president in 2020, citing the “cruelty of our elections process.”

Patrick ended all speculation about a bid for the White House in a Facebook post Thursday morning.

“After a lot of conversation, reflection and prayer, I’ve decided that a 2020 campaign for president is not for me,” he wrote. “I’ve been overwhelmed by advice and encouragement from people from all over the country, known and unknown. Humbled, in fact. But knowing that the cruelty of our elections process would ultimately splash back on people whom Diane and I love, but who hadn’t signed up for the journey, was more than I could ask.”

Patrick has been campaigning for congressional candidates around the country recently.

After serving two terms as governor, he joined Bain Capital as a managing director.

  1. Joe Casey says:

    He was in installed as our governor by casino magnates and all around sleaze-bags Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn and his first act was to introduce the casino legislation they had written . I don’t think we need this puppet as president.

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