BOSTON (CBS) – In Boston an institution dedicated to a Democrat, opened its’ doors to remember a Republican. The JFK Library dedicated Wednesday to President George H.W. Bush.

“Thinking about President Bush today, so it was an appropriate day to come down here,” says David Daley.

Keller @ Large: George H. W. Bush Was A New Englander

Visitors came to the Kennedy Library to sign a condolence book for Bush 41. We saw quotes including, “With gratitude for your public service and sacrifice,” “A wonderful life, a wonderful legacy,” and “Thank you for your service and your amazing leadership.”

Condolence book for President George H.W. Bush at JFK Library (WBZ-TV)

“He was a good guy. He reached across the aisle, Democrats and Republicans, and a lot of people have respect for him,” says James Stocker, one of many visitors signing the condolence book.

It was free to visit the JFK Library Wednesday and a chance to see photos of the times Pres. Bush visited and the time when the library came to his home in Kennebunkport to honor him with the Profile in Courage award.

“There are so many connections between his legacy and Pres. Kennedy’s legacy,” says JFK Library director Alan Price. “Both have New England roots, both were shaped and forged by World War II, both loved the ocean. Both of them have a call to public service that many people have responded to,” he says.

Guests sign condolence book for President George H.W. Bush at JFK Library (WBZ-TV)

But it was the quiet thoughts of average Americans that struck a chord. “I remember Pres. Bush just being a gentle president, which is a little different than things are today,” says Stephen Litchfield.

“Very compassionate. One of my favorite presidents. Very loving and caring,” says Linda Soldner.

“We love the Bushes. A great, great family and our greatest sympathies to them,” adds Rob Neumeister.

The condolence books from the JFK Library will be sent to the Bush Presidential Library in Texas.


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