SPRINGFIELD (CBS) – Six Friendly’s locations in the northeast are now closed, the iconic restaurant chain says.

Reports surfaced this weekend of Friendly’s in Springfield, Mass.; Seekonk, Mass; Dover, NH; Bennington, Vt.; Rutland, Vt. and East Greenbush, N.Y. all shutting their doors.

In a statement to WBZ-TV, Friendly’s confirmed it had closed restaurants in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

“Over the past few years, we have identified and minimized the number of locations that no longer deliver the customer experience that we are working to create,” Friendly’s says. “As we move forward, our goal is to open locations with improved service and value for our customers, like the restaurants that have recently opened in Marlborough, Massachusetts and Merrimack, New Hampshire.”

Friendly’s says it is working to transfer many employees to other locations and is “providing short term financial assistance, in lieu of notice” to others.

There are still 200 Friendly’s locations on the East Coast.

  1. Samson Shillitoe says:

    Friendly’s made zero effort in Springfield VT to help their employees when they BRUTALLY CLOSED that restaurant a few years ago.

    The locals told me that they worked the crew Saturday night and at the end of the night shift people (outsiders) came in and handed out pink slips to everyone. The next day they took down the Friendly’s signage in the little town mall. As I understand it, they made NO EFFORT to assist their employees. This was a relatively busy restaurant so the closing came as a surprise. For little rural towns like Springfield, every business closing is a body blow to the community.

    Considering their behavior in my example, I have little or no confidence in the spin from Friendly’s PR. Who could believe that they would give even half a damn or were working to transfer or otherwise assist those newly unemployed? Friendly indeed!

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