By Jim Smith

RAYNHAM (CBS) – An outlet powering up Christmas tree lights at a home in Raynham sparked an overnight fire.

“I’m just happy to be alive,” said David Young. His home is without power after a fire erupted in his living room right beside the family Christmas tree.

The charred walls and ceiling tell a frightening story. The fire broke out at 2:00 a.m. while the family of five was sleeping. Somehow, Dave heard a popping sound.

An outlet sparked a fire near a Christmas tree in a Raynham home (WBZ-TV)

“And I happened to run downstairs. I saw a big ball of fire like orange and smoke because it was really smoky,” Young said. “So I ran upstairs got everyone out saying ‘go!’”

It turns out a sub-woofer that was plugged into the same outlet as the tree was apparently too much for that outlet which is now fried.

“They’re plugged into the same socket and it might have overloaded the socket,” Young said. “Something sparked because of the overload of the outlet onto the tablecloth and burned here.”

Dave Young (WBZ-TV)

Somehow the tree didn’t catch fire, but now David wants to warn others.

“Watch the plugs. Unplug everything before you go to bed. Just because it’s turned off doesn’t mean that it’s not going to overload, I mean unplug everything as much as you can when it’s stuff like this for Christmas,” he said.

Despite the fire, Dave is feeling lucky.

“We can always have another Christmas, all five of us, we can’t have a Christmas if any of us had died so I’m really blessed to look at that as the bigger picture,” Young said.

Jim Smith


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