By Tiffany Chan

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – Stickers with disturbing messages of hate have been plastered across Attleboro. Police are removing them and officials say the messages have no place in their city.

The stickers, spreading a message of hate against the LGBT community have been found across downtown Attleboro. Police have been doing a good job removing them and now the search is on for whoever put them up.

Homophobic stickers were found on an electrical box and a light pole over the weekend making many residents uncomfortable.

“I saw them about a couple days ago and I just think it’s wrong. It’s very disrespectful,” Meghan Hussey said.

Stickers found around Attleboro (WBZ-TV)

The message threatened violence against the LGBT community. It hits close to home for the father of an openly gay son.

“You never know how far a silly little sticker is going to go,” said Kevin Bighinatti. “I think you should take it serious.”

Police have since scraped the stickers off, but so far, they have no leads. Since there wasn’t a specific victim, Attleboro’s mayor says this cannot be treated as a hate crime, but it’s serious nonetheless.

“It was certainly hate speech and it was certainly vandalism and destruction of public property,” said Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux.

Those who live in the city have a strong message for the vandal.

“It’s very wrong. If you have a heart, turn yourself in,” Hussey said.

Surveillance cameras from nearby businesses, including a bank, were unable to capture the vandal. That’s why police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

Tiffany Chan

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