By Mike LaCrosse

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Cambridge Police are looking for whoever charged at and toppled over a menorah on the Cambridge Common Sunday.

Just seconds after it was knocked over complete strangers banded together to put it back up.

“We’re walking down and within 20 seconds of us getting out of the car we heard this big bang,” said Jon O’Toole.

Menorah on Cambridge Common (WBZ-TV)

Jon O”Toole and his wife were out for a walk with their daughter when they heard that bang. He stepped in while his wife took a video of the group lifting the menorah.

“It feels great ‘tis the season. Whatever we can do, whatever little thing that we can do to help the situation that was otherwise bad feels great,” said O”Toole.

The menorah belongs to The Chabad House at Harvard.

“That is very much the story of Hanukkah where it was a few people who came together and to triumph over the darkness and to demonstrate love can overpower hate and good can overpower evil and that’s exactly what they did,” said Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi The Chabad House at Harvard.

One light bulb was damaged during the fall. Cambridge Police are investigating.

The Chabad House at Harvard is holding a special lighting ceremony for the community to heal on the common Thursday night at 5.

Mike LaCrosse


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