BOSTON (CBS) – Inside a small storefront, on Beach Street, a little side street in downtown Boston, is a lunch spot serving up big sandwiches.

Since 2002, Rosie Martone and her brother John have run Figaro’s.

It’s a busy, quick service, order at the counter kind of spot, that’s become a haven for hungry office workers looking for a lunch that’s big, delicious, and affordable.

“Portion size is big, you know we’re big, we like to eat, we know how to eat, so we obviously want to make sure that when you come here to eat, you leave well fed and feeling good about what you just ate,” said John.

And everything coming out of Figaro’s cramped kitchen is a family affair.

Their mother Geraldine (they call her Gerry) and father Ralph can be found there.

“We’re very very lucky, we have a great team here,” said Rosie.

And that great team creates some truly spectacular sandwiches, like a classic Italian, slow-roasted Porchetta and a souped up steak and cheese.


“We add pepperoni, we add peppers, onions, and our hot pepper relish, so it gives it a little kick and it’s way more than what you would expect from a typical steak and cheese,” said John.

And Figaro’s is way more than your standard sandwich shop, thanks to a family that just wants to make sure you mangia.

“I don’t know if you noticed this, but we are Italian, and with being Italian, there’s an immense amount of pride, and when you come through these doors, your our family, your our friends, and we want nothing more than for you to really enjoy everything,” said Rosie.