BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady’s German is improving.

With former Patriots offensive lineman, and German native, Sebastian Vollmer in town for Sunday’s Patriots-Vikings tilt at Gillette Stadium, Brady and a few of his teammates paid a visit to “Sea Bass’ School Of German.”

Brady tried to tackle some German last year with his former right tackle with some hilarious results. This time around, Brady was much, much better, giving an emphatic “Let’s Go Patriots!” in near-perfect German tongue (we think).

“I’m German. There are three Germans here,” Brady said to Vollmer and his broadcast partner Markus Kuhn.

Some of Brady’s teammate’s didn’t fair as well. Patrick Chung used a Jamacian accent throughout the clip and had to explain some of his vocabulary, while David Andrews was just a hot mess (an entertaining one at that). But Kyle Van Noy was actually pretty good, and once Deatrich Wise Jr. got going, it sounded like he’d fit right in at next year’s Oktoberfest.

Now that the quarterback has basically mastered the language, we’ll see if Brady works in some German at the line of scrimmage come Sunday afternoon.


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