By Lisa Hughes

BOSTON (CBS) – A new mural outside an Allston shop was defaced with spray paint. Now the store owner is trying to cover the artist’s repair costs, but he’s also asking, why?

The mural is outside Vivant Vintage in Allston. It has only been there for two months, but everything changed this week. “It seems like somebody came with a can of spray paint or two cans of spray paint, and just crossed out the entire piece,” says Justin Pomerleau who owns the shop which sells vintage clothes, jewelry and antiques.

He thought the mural would be a nice touch for the neighborhood. “I feel like everything we do is trying to spark people’s curiosity, and I feel like the mural really does that,” he says.

Justin Pomerleau stands next to his mural outside Vivant Vintage in Allston (WBZ-TV)

But when he found the damage, his heart sank. “I was more upset than mad. We were all really upset,” he says.

Artist Heiro Veiga is based in Florida. He rushed back to Allston to start repairs, but the costs are high. “We’re trying to raise money to bring it to the next stage and cover the costs of what we’re going to have to do to keep it from getting vandalized again,” Justin says.

And the community is chipping in. Krishna Pascal works in the neighborhood and Tom Leonard lives here. “To have someone come by and deface such a beautiful piece of artwork in the community is a real disappointment,” Tom says.

Mural outside Vivant Vintage in Allston (WBZ-TV)

“Haters, that’s what I would call them, haters. Something as beautiful as this, all they could do is scribble in the book just like they were a two year old child,” adds Krishna.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise money for repairs including adding a clear coat that would protect the mural from vandalism.

Lisa Hughes


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