By Mike LaCrosse

NORTH BROOKFIELD (CBS) – A Christmas tree caught fire Thursday morning in North Brookfield.

“It was totally incinerated,” said North Brookfield Deputy Fire Chief Darin Anderson.

No one was inside expect the family’s black lab.

“I opened the door, the dog comes running out. He takes over from there. Dog got out of my arms as fast as he could and he ran to him,” said North Brookfield Fire Lt. Pat Kiritsy

Officials said the fire started on the tree.

A Christmas tree topper sparked a fire in North Brookfield (WBZ-TV)

“We believe all points are going to a couple generations old tree topper that had caught fire or short circuited,” said Anderson.

Anderson said it doesn’t take much for tree to go up in flames.

“A lot of times they’re flash fires once they get going it’s instantaneous,” said Anderson.

Jim Gange, owner of Jim’s Christmas Trees in Charlton says the key is to buy a healthy tree, then keep it away from heat sources.

“Bring it in your house, you cut the bottom, bring it in your house and you water this tree, water, water, water. I can’t stress that enough,” said Gange.

The North Brookfield home was heavily damaged by smoke.

Mike LaCrosse

  1. My family and I have been getting real Christmas trees for years and never had a problem. Why? Because we have common sense to keep the thing filled with water constantly. If you get lazy the tree will dry out. Plus, the old light they had back in the 70s and 80s and even 90s are nothing but heat sources that put off a ton of heat. Not good for real trees. Today’s lights are low voltage and don’t give off enough heat to light cotton, never mind a tree. So do yourself and your family a favor. Get rid of the old lights even if they were passed down the family tree.Common sense goes a long way.

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