By Anaridis Rodriguez

WATERTOWN (CBS) – Belmont and Watertown residents are on alert after a series of break-ins.

“It’s a bit alarming being in the neighborhood for a long time,” said Belmont resident Jay Murphy.

Belmont’s Assistant Chief of Police James MacIsaac told WBZ-TV four robberies were reported in the same neighborhood Thanksgiving week.

“A lot of people think a typical break-in is you have a van or a truck outside the house. And people are inside the house and they’re stealing,” said MacIsaac from department headquarters. “What we actually see is just a kind of quick break-in and grab whatever they can carry with them.”

Belmont Police say homes were targeted in the early evening hours while people were away at work. Items like jewelry and portable computers were stolen. No one was hurt but in one case someone was home.

“They heard a loud bang and thought it was one of their family members. And when they came down to investigate what the noise was, that’s when they discovered the home had been broken into,” said MacIsaac.

Most of the break-ins were clustered around School Street; a road that straddles Watertown’s town line. Police there are also investigating three robberies that occurred Tuesday night.

“I’ve always felt safe here. I’ve been here for 14 years. I’ve never had any problems,” said Kevin Castle of Watertown.

Castle is among those who live in the area who say they plan to be more vigilant.

“I’ve had my car smashed in before, even in Weston. So it does happen everywhere. Hopefully knowing how strong the Belmont police are, they’ll do a lot of due diligence and get the job done,” Murphy said.

Police wouldn’t say how many suspects may have been involved, but did confirm an uptick in theft, especially package theft, is seen during this time of year. They’re asking residents remain vigilant this holiday season.

Anaridis Rodriguez


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