BOSTON (CBS) – Celtics point guard Terry Rozier is being sued by the company behind the so-called “Scream” mask.

Earlier this year Rozier began selling a shirt featuring a mask after people started calling him “Scary Terry.”

Terry Rozier’s sweatshirt featuring the “Scream” mask. (Image from court filing)

Now the mask maker says Rozier has violated their copyright by using the image.

“Without permission or authorization from Plaintiff, Defendant adopted the Ghost Face Mask design as his own mascot and paired the design with his alter ego ‘Scary Terry,’” Easter Unlimited, Inc. says in the lawsuit.

The court filing cites a GQ interview in which Rozier says “We need to get the Scream mask on there.”

The company is seeking damages and wants Rozier to stop using the artwork that is featured in the slasher film series “Scream.”


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