BOSTON (CBS) — When Tom Brady wore a Michigan uniform, the Wolverines enjoyed success against their biggest rival.

But as Brady has gone on to have oodles of triumph in the NFL with the Patriots over the last 19 years, his Wolverines have not fared very well against Ohio State. That has led to some extremely happy former Buckeyes in the New England locker room, and one very disappointed Michigan Man.

Brady was confident as ever heading into this weekend’s clash between the Buckeyes and Wolverines. But then the game kicked off and Ohio State walloped Michigan 62-39, and for the 14th time in their last 15 meetings, Brady had to pay up yet again to a collegiate rival.

This year he was once again forced to admit defeat to special teamer Nate Ebner, who graduated from OSU in 2012.

“Unfortunately, I lost a bet to Nate Ebner and already paid him his money,” Brady said Monday morning during his weekly interview with WEEI’s Mut and Callahan. “I have to wear some ridiculous outfit, but man, freakin’ Wolverines. They can’t win a big game, man. That was pretty crappy to watch.

“We’ve lost to them so much,” he added. “I feel like I never win any of these bets. That’s alright. I’ll keep trying.”

Brady would not elaborate on what that ridiculous outfit would be, but don’t be surprised if he’s wearing some scarlet and gray the next time he takes the podium at Gillette Stadium. Former Patriots linebacker and current Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, a proud Ohio State alum, once made Brady wear his Buckeyes jersey at practice after they defeated the Wolverines. We’ll see if Ebner has something similar in mind.

During Brady’s four-year stay in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines were 3-1 against the Buckeyes. But Ohio State has won six straight, and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has yet to lead his team to a victory in “The Game.” That’s very frustrating to Brady, who says Michigan’s annual tussle with Ohio State is the only game that matters.

“Yeah, that is the big one. They haven’t been close,” he admitted. “Maybe last year we were a little closer, but still 60-something points, that was tough to swallow. Maybe we can get to the Rose Bowl. I think if a few things go our way we get to the Rose Bowl. That will be a good consolation.”

At least Brady and the Patriots enjoyed a victory over the Jets on Sunday.


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